Model Railroad Custom Benchwork

Custom Dioramas

Welcome to our Diorama Page.

  Our dioramas are a relatively new item that we have been creating. It can be used as a backdrop of your layout or hung on the wall for art, but at the same time displaying one of your favorite train engines. We build any description or scene that you wish. It can be any of the four seasons that you want. If you have a favorite scene that you have a picture of we will do our best to create it for you.
  A diorama is built in different ways: 1. A box any size built rectangular, 8" deep with a scene built inside of it. 2. A table like that we build a scene on with a back drop painted by a local Artist Lou Messa and can be encased in glass. These are built of solid cherry, oak, walnut wood. Below are some examples. 

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