Model Railroad Custom Benchwork


TURNTABLE INFORMATION:          Built By- Precision Railroad Turntables
The wood frame of the turntable is constructed of 3\4" plywood  including a box 42" x 42" x 8" that houses the motor  and locking pin motor. The over all dimension of the turntable are 4 ft. X 4 ft., with the pit of the table being molded of a resin that is 37 1/2 in diameter, mounted on the 3\4" plywood. The full length of the bridge is 36". The bridge is constructed of heavy sheet metal and is laminated with a resin molded product to create a bolted metal bridge look. The bridge rotates on milled metal trucks with brass wheels which supports the weight of the locomotives and rotates independently by a 1\4" piece of steel. 

    The bridge is driven by a rubber wheel that turns against a 30" x 1" thick piece of particle board which is strong and more importantly allows no warpage. This board is where the locking pin brackets and micro switches are mounted that allows you to index to any track in either direction by a selector rotary switch. It takes one indexing kit for every track, unless you have two track spurs mounted 180 degrees from each other, then one kit will serve for both.

     In order to keep the bridge in position while the engine is going on or off and avoid derailments the bridge is made with a locking pin that locks in an eye piece each time it indexes to a particular track. The locking pin is pointed which causes the bridge to line up precisely in either direction. The track is selected with a rotary switch. The rotary switch, directional switch, and start button comes with the turntable to be mounted in your control panel. OPIONAL: ( A control box with wiring completed and a 15 ft. of wire, may be purchased at an additional cost.) Turntable can be wire to DCS or TMCC.

     The Precision Railroad Turntable is made of high quality material and is guaranteed to perform precisely. The Turntable may be purchased from us.We will also come to your location and install your turntable, quotes are available upon request.


 The Lift bridge can be operated manually or motorized and are used to span isle way, water passages. The bridge can be made for single, double or three track. We also have a variety of types of bridges including, Warren Trust, Arch or Inverted Arch and Girder sides.

 The bridge is constructed of 3\4 plywood with a steel hinge with or without a motor. It is completed as a drop in unit which measures 10” L x 18” W x 4” H with the desire lenght of bridge. The bridge is pre wired and is ready to be hooked up to AC power. The bridge has automatic stops; they will need to be set at the correct up and down stopping position. We will also do the track if desired, however track does not come installed, because of the various kinds of track that might be wanted. This bridge will span isle ways, water ways from 24 to 40 inches and up to 45 inches on single track.    

 If we can further assist you in any of your layouts needs please feel free to call or E-mail me at  




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